About the Author

The author of What They Call Games is a handsome dude named Ryan, who lives on the easterly side of the northern continent of America. He has played video games since he was a wee lad and was accepted to DigiPen when he set his mind to making a career out of designing games.

But he stopped that idea and didn't go because that stuff's hard, and studied Japanese instead, graduating in 2012 with a B.A. in Japanese and minors in Asian Studies and Religious Studies. Since that major isn't exactly helpful except for letting him play Japan exclusive games and early releases, he's currently working for jelly beans at a sweatshop in Djibouti where he is forced to write for this gaming blog.

He also was the author of Nippwnd!, a blog about studying abroad in Japan, which lasted from September of 2011 until January of 2012. For other writing and pictures and stuff by Ryan, check out My Own Horn.

For original content submissions or inquiries about Japanese-English translations, contact me at Linkums@[ThatEmailServiceByGoogle].com.
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