Saturday, February 1, 2014

Broncos Win Super Bowl XLVIII 10 - 7 Over Seahawks

With both the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos having good seasons, it was exciting to see them battle it out at the Super Bowl this year. The Broncos seem to have the superior offense, but the Seahawks ranked better overall and had a stronger defense. It was sure to be a good match up.
The weather in Denver was unseasonably warm and sunny, making for the perfect day for a football game.

The Seahawks received the opening kickoff, but made little progress before being forced to punt. Both teams were evenly matched throughout the first quarter and neither was able to score.
It wasn't until late in the second quarter that the Broncos made the first score thanks to J. Elam's thirty-one yard field goal attempt. They were only prevented from a touchdown thanks to a holding penalty and the Seahawks' stellar defense.
The Seahawks made a swift recovery, with C. Warren easily catching the pass for a touchdown and extra point, bringing the score to 7 - 3. The Broncos struggled for the rest of the quarter as a result of penalties and sacks, but ended up with possession of the ball at the start of the second half.

The third quarter mirrored the first somewhat, with several turnovers and no points, but ended with the Broncos in position to score.
Denver was able to follow through early in the fourth quarter with a touchdown and extra point thanks to a successful pass from J. Elway to S. Sharpe bringing the score to Seahawks - 7, Broncos - 10 with 4:38 left in the game. From there, it was a gruesome stalemate and both teams faced injuries and substitutions.
Seattle's star player, L. Smith suffered a stubbed toe and had to be switched with the team's less stellar reserve Smith. On the Broncos' side, D. Clark fell victim to a near fatal paper cut and his place was taken by D. Carswell.
During the final minute, Seattle started making rapid progress down the field and seemed poised for a comeback until Denver's L. Washington intercepted a pass and sealed their fate with only 12 seconds to go. The final score remained low: Seattle 7 - Denver 10. Congratulations to both teams on another great season!

Game predictions were provided by computer controlled teams in Madden NFL '97 for Sega Saturn. See also, Wii U's TVii Sports functionality.
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