Wednesday, July 31, 2013

FTW: SpeedDemosArchive's Summer Games Done Quick raises over $250k for Doctors Without Borders

From July 25th through July 29th (and later, if you count the bonus stream), SpeedDemosArchive, a site that hosts high quality videos of hundreds of video game speed runs, held a marathon charity event to raise money for Doctors Without Borders. Runners came from all over to participate and ran over 75 different games throughout the marathon. At times, the stream was the most popular channel on Twitch, bringing in over 45,000 viewers at a time.

If you missed it, don't worry! You can still donate and, thanks to Reddit user malignantlyuseless, you can easily view the archived video of each run via the links below (copied from the Reddit thread). Also, over the next few months, SDA will be uploading footage from the marathon to its Youtube channel.

As for my personal recommendations... definitely check out anything by AdamAK, PEACHES_, Cosmo, iateyourpie, and Mofat. I've also heard that bonesaw's Luigi's Mansion run was especially good. Zoast's Super Metroid run was a thing of wonder, and though I didn't watch him during the marathon, I know that Toufool is extremely good at Diddy Kong Racing. If in doubt, just check a game you know and see how it goes. Every run is an impressive display of skill and interesting glitches, so enjoy!


For bonus stream footage, check out LasTLiE2's comment on Reddit.

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