Friday, April 12, 2013

Nintendo ending various online Wii channels and services

According to Nintendo's Japanese support page, many of the online Wii channels and services will no longer be supported as of June, 28th of 2013.

Translated, the announcement message is as follows,
"We thank all of you very much for your regular use of our products.

We are very sorry to inform you that some of the network services that have been available to you on Wii will be concluded as of June 28th, 2013.

To everyone who uses these services, we are truly sorry and thank you for your understanding."

The services that will no longer be supported are:

-The Weather Channel (Forecast Channel)
-The News Channel
-The Digicam Print Channel (Japan-only)
-The Everybody Votes Channel
-The Nintendo Channel
-The Mii Contest Channel (Check Mii Out Channel)
-Exchanging data with friends via WiiConnect24 (This includes exchanging messages on the Wii Message Board, exchanging Miis in the Mii Channel, and exchanging messages and data in some titles)

"After the end date, the above services will not be able to be used when launched from the Wii menu. However, you can continue to use other services including the automatically updating daily activity log on the Wii Message Board and the Wii Shop Channel.

Thank you for your extended use of our products."

I have contacted Nintendo, inquiring as to whether these services will continue in regions outside of Japan and am awaiting a reply. I can only assume that online multiplayer in games that does not make use of WiiConnect24 will continue on a game by game basis.

UPDATE: This news is now also up on the Nintendo of America website, confirming that service will be discontinued in regions outside of Japan as well.

In any case, the impermanence of gaming has once again been made clear. For those who used these services, congratulations on having a gaming experience that future gamers will never be able to have again.
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