Friday, January 18, 2013

Fringe Trivia - The homemade board game by my dad

Now that the great SciFi series, Fringe, has come to an end, my dad has been bugging me and everyone we know who watches the show to play "Fringe Trivia". I had assumed that my dad found this game online somewhere and I flatly told him that I wasn't interested in playing. Unavoidably, he started setting it up before the series finale, which is when I found out that he made this game himself and that it was no small undertaking. Through my dad's labor of love which consumed an untold amount of lunch hours and company printer paper and ink, I can now present to you "Fringe Trivia". 
How to Play:
Set up the board however you like; the suggested layout is pictured above.

The player who rolls the highest number on the dice moves first. From the start, players can choose which direction around the board they wish to move. When a player lands on a space in a category's set of three, they must answer a trivia question from that category. If correct, they may place a marker of their color on that space. More than one marker can be on each space. To win, you must have ten markers on the board and at least three in one category (these do not have to all be on different spaces in that category). 

If a player is the first to have a marker on each of the three spaces in a category, they will "own" that category. If another player lands on a space on that category, they must remove one of their own markers and replace it with one belonging to the owner of the category. They may then answer a question as usual.

Follow special space instructions as directed.

Questions in Fringe Trivia range from the obvious to the stupidly hard. For balancing issues, spelling errors, questions invalidated by the series finale, or other problems, you can blame my dad, not me. I'll do my best to get the questions, answers, and board spaces uploaded somewhere and link to it here when I get the chance. 
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