Wednesday, October 8, 2014

FTW: Incredible Rhythmic Mario Platforming Hack on a Dance Machine (And More!)

I've written before about the ingenuity of the tenacious group of remaining dance game players and about the incredible ways they've been able to mod the In The Groove 2 (ITG) arcade machines with "gimmick charts". Last time, there was a song with a secret code which would display the message "Player # took their shirt off!" to the song "Take Your Shirt Off", as well as a playable version of Rally-X. Before that was a song from Rhythm Heaven made playable on a dance machine.

Now, for DivinElegy's 3rd Annual Gimmick Competition, the latest and greatest original gimmick charts are coming in. One of them is Steve Reen's "Long Invulnerability", a musical Mario platforming experience akin to Bit.Trip Runner and inspired by the music levels in Rayman Legends. In it, you have to use the arrows on the dance pad to jump and grab coins, hit blocks, avoid obstacles, smash through walls, and kill enemies, all to the beat of the music. At the end, you're scored according to how many coins and enemies you got. It's amazing enough that this kind of thing was able to be made in the first place, but more amazing still how well the music goes with the gameplay. It could've been just a proof of concept, but it's not. Check this thing out:

While we're at it, here are a few more games within a dance game...

Mega Man
Rhythm Minigames

Space Shooter Minus the Shooting

Mash Arrows to Make Sonic Jump
Game and Watch Manhole with Ponies

Thanks to reader "Bran" for suggesting this post! 


Something that reminds me of Rez but isn't really the same at all
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