Monday, June 2, 2014

The "Secret" DS Wifi Button

Did you know about the DS's "secret" Wifi button? It's not really news, but it's not particularly well-known either. To find it, you have to press the top left pixel of the touch screen when on any of the three Connection Settings screens in the DS's Wifi configuration menu. This is only possible on DS systems or when configuring settings for an online DS game on a 3DS. If done correctly (you may need something with a sharper point than the rounded DS stylus to get to that pixel), a yellow square will briefly light up and the DS will begin searching for Simple Start Wi-Fi.
This feature is most likely totally useless to you, especially now that the Nintendo WFC is down, as it is a leftover function for the Japanese NEC routers which have a "Raku Raku Musen Start" button that can be pressed to automatically configure the DS's Wifi. Surprise, "Raku Raku Musen Start" basically means "Simple Start Wi-Fi". Even though it doesn't do much for you, you can at least impress your friends with it or something.
For more behind-the-scenes DS stuff, you might be interested to see what's in a DS Download Station.
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