Wednesday, November 21, 2012

FTW: Super Mario 64 - 70 Star World Record Speed Run

I don't always post twice in one day, but when I do, I post videos and/or news while it's hot. This is both a video and hot news. Well, fairly hot news. I guess. 

Anyway! Siglemic, holder of the world records for speed running Super Mario 64 with 120 stars and 70 stars, has just achieved a new record for the 70 star run of 49:09. This was performed without assistance and not on an emulator. If you haven't seen a speed run before, Super Mario 64 is a great game to start with as the acrobatics, skill, glitches, and planning required will blow your mind. Check it out:
Update: Also check out Siglemic's 120 star world record of 1:44:01

Update: The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker world record was also beaten today by Cosmo, clocking in at 4:40:15, which beat the previous record of 4:42:03. Check him out on and on his Youtube channel.
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